parajumpers gobi herren Am I electrosensitive

parajumpers daunenmantel long bear Am I electrosensitive

The first thing I need to say is that „I am not an expert“ and that any information I provide is based on 14 years of EMF/EMR research as well as „being a victim of EMR pollution“ for over 30 years.

Having said that, however, I am very happy to share information about myself, my family, my guinea pig studies and the information and knowledge I have acquired. I am also glad to share „suggestions“ that often come across as „recommendations.“ All such exchanges should be viewed as „friend to friend“/“victim to victim“ as opposed to medical/legal advice. You are wise to search the net and evaluate the available information as it pertains to you.

Your question and your own conclusion about contacting specialists is pretty much „accurate.“ It does sound tho as if you may not have consulted with your GP and/or been treated for many of your „symptoms“ whether promoted/caused by EMF/EMR or something else???

I can send you a list of 2 3 pages of our family’s health problems several „rare and unusual“ but as you already know, „a direct approach“ of saying „I found this and that“ along with stating „I am suffering this and that, what do you think? [to any doctor] will not normally be acknowledged by any medical person as being a meaningful or a legitimate medical concern.

We activists are waging a battle against the WHO (World Health Organization) to replace (Coordinator of Occupational and Environmental) Dr. Until these things happen and the WHO designates an ICDM Code, medical doctors are not able to bill for a diagnosis of EHS and/or separate brain cancer, Leukemia or other diseases as to „chemically promoted,“ EMF/EMR promoted,
parajumpers gobi herren Am I electrosensitive
“ etc.

This means pretty much that „symptoms“ are billed and treated one by one possibly combined with one or two others for a probable „misdiagnosis“ in many cases. Likewise, typing „Robert Riedlinger“ on your search bar will bring up information re his ES as it relates to comunications‘ antennae.

In the meantime, you should make sure you do not have any electrical appliances/devices close to the head of your bed. Those who are qualified to make recommendations in this regard, suggest a distance of 3 4 ft. for anything like an electric clock, electric clock radio, power supply for cordless phone, other telephone equipment, fans, electric blankets and especially electric meters (be concerned about electrical items on walls opposite head of bed). I can tell you from my experiences that moving such items to the other side of the room yield significant, positive results that have been documented by medical tests (albeit,
parajumpers gobi herren Am I electrosensitive
the „tests“ do not acknowledge or refer to EMF/EMR exposures with the exception of my work re the guinea pig studies). Best wishes to you and take care Joanne